If you are a Member of the LGBTQ Community, you know the special challenges that you face. It’s true that everyone has problems, but if you are LGBTQ, you need a Therapist who understands your unique challenges, and, well, just “gets you.”

Diane Sanders has been a part of the LGBTQ Community since she was a teenager studying ballet. After dancing for many years, Diane founded a successful dance company in New York City, becoming an integral part of the gay community in NYC. Diane brings all of this experience with and affection for this community to address the emotional and psychological issues of LGBTQ Adults and Teens.

Through caring and empathetic therapy, Diane uses a humanistic, solution-oriented approach to address emotional suffering, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and addiction. She is extremely passionate about LGBTQ life issues and wants to make this the focus of her life’s work.

Through her years of teaching dance and yoga, Diane understands the importance of integrating mental, physical and emotional well-being, fostered through a trusting, dependable relationship nurtured in a secure therapeutic environment.

Diane volunteers at Inspire Recovery Center for LGBTQIA+ Youth and Adults and is an active member of WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

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